Healthy Living Through Healthy Eating

Welcome to the Food Shed. We are your online guide to making a lifestyle of healthy cooking, eating, and living. We know that healthy cooking and eating is more than just a habit. It’s a lifestyle. While most people in the United States fall to media presentation of what foods are desirable and acceptable we have initiated a project to change the way Americans think about food and what foods they put in their body. It’s amazing to see the changes in our society and acceptable levels of obesity in the modern culture. Because of societal norms we do ourselves a disservice by not fighting against the acceptable. Each individual has to make an effort to decide for themselves that they want something better for their life.


There are an increasing number of healthy food growers throughout the United States. These growers share our vision in what is possible by making small individual changes. We are working to help these individuals progress their vision to the next level. Teaching basic marketing and distribution skills to new healthy food growers is necessary to help change the problems in today’s current diet norms.

Healthy Choices

We are adamant that people can find healthy food options that they both enjoy and find satisfying. The market attempts to push tasty food made of the cheapest products into our view and make them more convenient than healthier and less profitable options. Many healthcare providers and dietitians have commented on the importance in diet in improving personal health. United Medical Education has been quoted for saying, “Simply learning simple dietary facts and changing a few dietary habits can make the difference between life or death, or even finding yourself in an emergency situation.”

United Medical Education does more than just give diet advice to the general population and healthcare professionals alike. They also help teach life saving courses to healthcare professionals such as ACLS online, PALS online and BLS certification courses. United Medical Education has been instrumental in spreading our message to dietitians and healthcare professionals. While dietary information isn’t found in their online ACLS, PALS, and BLS certification courses some dietary tips can be found at their website here.

Breaking healthy habits into modern society needs organizations with infrastructure to make a national difference. Our government has recognized the need to fight against the current media and provide services online for tips and tricks to healthy eating. One of these sites in